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Network and learn with small business owners just like you

The Small Business Owners Roundtable is a dynamic online forum (Zoom) where small business owners from all over can learn, share, and build their networks.

About our next event

Are you a Small Business Owner? Would you like to collaborate and engage with a community of other business owners?

Next Event: Thursday, OCT 19 at 1:00 PM ET

TOPIC: Is balance a good thing?

What really makes us healthy, happy, and successful?

Join us for an enlightening and engaging Small Business Owners Roundtable event as we explore the pivotal question: “Is balance a good thing? What really makes us healthy, happy, and successful?” This thought-provoking discussion, tailored specifically for small business owners, delves into the intricate relationship between work and life balance and its profound impact on personal and professional well-being.

The event will be made up of educational segments, followed by breakout discussions and a challenge at the end!

We welcome all small business owners from all industries to attend this no-cost monthly roundtable on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Emotional intelligence, balance emotion control feeling between work stressed or sadness and happy lifestyle concept, mindful calm woman using her hand to balance smile and sad face.


  • 11/16/23
    How aggressive is too aggressive in business.
    “Defining the path to fulfilling ambition”
  • 12/21/23
    A completely different way of approaching goals
    “What if we are all looking at goals the wrong way?”



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